Maison Vaincourt - 16 rue de la Sourdière - 75001 Paris   I  +33 9 84 02 63 22

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Maison Vaincourt - Luxury Belts - Ceinture Luxe - Paris

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luxury belt
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The height of fashion, the finest of quality.

Maison Vaincourt, with its principal focus on belts, offers collections of accessories for men and women.


From classical belts to more fashionable creations, the collections include permanent or seasonal pieces that are available in twenty colors.


The manufacturing process takes place entirely in France in a workshop near Limoges. Carried out by highly qualified craftsmen who feel passionately about their craft, the process meets the highest standards of tradition. The glossed, hand-dyed, leather is sealed with beeswax to ensure a high degree of water resistance. The vegetable-tanned leather lining absorbs perspiration while preventing allergies. Some models are even available semi-customised with a choice of leather and colour of stitching.


Maison Vaincourt also makes pouches, bags, bracelets and cases to match the outfits or adapt with elegance to the daily urban rhythm of all.


Some of the items in Maison Vaincourt’s collections are indispensable and timeless, and even have cult status.

From Paris to New York, from Tokyo to Moscow, passing through London, Lisbon and Monaco, discover Maison Vaincourt in the most beautiful cities around the world!

Founder of Maison Vaincourt

The Maison Vaincourt was founded by Elisabeth Schmitt, a woman whose path leading to the world of fine leather goods could be defined as predestined. Her Italian upbringing in France, coupled with her love of languages, cultures and fine craftsmanship, led her to serve as a buyer for prominent North American department stores such as Bonwitt Teller.

Her encounter with the world of couture, runway shows and exquisite materials further kindled her passion for the fashion realm. She was soon sought out for positions as a sales then marketing manager for Yves Saint Laurent. This was followed by work with Cerruti and Carven, before working independently with her husband, Alain, as a distributor of Italian brands such as Valentino & Les Copains.

It was in 2011 that she recognized the need for exquisite, handcrafted belts. She seized the opportunity and launched Maison Vaincourt, whose first boutique opened on Paris’ rue de la Sourdière in 2015.

The Maison Vaincourt is driven by Elisabeth’s innate values: a continuous quest for excellence, authenticity, creativity and perfection. Each piece is crafted by hand, representing timeless elegance and beauty.